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    meet prep workout

    meet is 7 weeks away.and fingers crossed i'll be able to be in it. but i do need help with a plan of attackfor getting my legs back into shape, and also prep for a full meet which i still am in a rookie level when it comes to experience.

    day 1
    bench 4 sets
    decline 2or3 sets (60% of flat)
    incline 2or3 sets (50% of flat)

    day 2
    lat pull down
    deadlift 4 sets
    lite shoulder rehab style workout maybe 2or3 excerises

    day 3 rest

    day 4
    board/lockout press
    tricep cable pushdown w/ rope
    weighted dips
    bicep DB curls 3sets

    day 5
    squat 4 sets
    leg press 3 sets
    leg curls 3 sets

    day 6 rest

    day 7 rest

    i was thinking for set/rep
    1wk 2 - 3 - 4 - 5- 6 - 7
    press- 50%-50%-65%-75%-85%-90%-rest
    DL- 50%-50%-50%-65%-75%-75%-rest
    SQ- 50%-50%-50%-65%-75%-75%-rest

    rules for the event have not been posted as of now, but i will post once i get them for you to better see where i might need to look at my own training or for day of compition pointers.

    500 will be the number all 3 lifts will be working off of. with hopefully my strength in SQ,DL returning to me during this 6 week program. because of six months strait of military training proir to now. my workouts have been very poor. my legs/back because of military training demand and equipment avaible have been hurt by far the most when it came to lack of weight training.

    ....days 3,4,6,7 i will do morning cardio, mostly bike or other low impact cardio, with 10-15mins of streching after. with ab work being done, nothing intense, just maybe two sets of 30 sit-ups.

    its either this workout with some tweaks or i was thinking the 3x3 block training (which i have liked in the past). the meet is being head in camp victory, iraq.. i'm shooting for a 1500 total, with sadly bench being my strongest event..that is one thing i hope to seriously change over this coming year.

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    dude....sorry to say but 7 weeks aint gonna do it...i will take much time to get your legs and back where they need to be in comparrison to your bench...

    Few questions...
    Weight class?
    Previous exp?
    Previous Totals?
    Why are you doing cardio? (just sayin...i never did it when I competed)

    As far as maximizing my lifts...i ALWAYS got my best lifts setting up a pre contest prep with something like this...

    Like 15 weeks out...

    Weeks 1-5 10 x 3 x 80% 1rm
    Weeks 6-10 15 x 3 x 85% 1rm
    Weeks 11-15 20 x 3 x 90% 1rm
    On squat, bench, dl like mon, wed, fri

    Add in chains/bands/boards for accessory

    Add in leg ext, leg curls for squats

    Add in tricep/bicep work for bench

    Deadlift...i use strait leg dl, lat pull, shrugs

    This is what I have done and this is what I have had success with...

    Im not shure what you weight class is but I was 181's and 198's with 14-1500's in tot...

    I use titan f6 Bench shirt, Z suit by inzer and inzers dl suit for dl...not sure what it called...ive been out of the loop for about 4 years...

    Hope you have luck with your contest...
    Are you juicing?...i never did with powerlifting...just afterwards...

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    the total of 1500 is where i believe i am right now, not what i'm hoping they catch up to..
    the meet is a open meet, with totals being caculated by body weight. no weight classes. i plan to be weighing about 215lb..

    goals for the meet are 485-495 on bench, 500 on sq and dl, with about 50-75 pounds above that is PR's for both of those respectively.

    it is a raw meet, and no juice, and another thing you have to rememeber, this is a military gym in iraq i'm preping in.. some things i could noramlly do like bans and stuff are just not here to use and will be mid jan before they are shipped to me..

    the cardio is in the plan because i am in the military, and have to do it in some form or fashion of it, somethings because of me being here have to be done, or can't be done, thats why i reached out for the help

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    as far as cardio goes you should do sprints...NOT indurance...

    You could very easily do board presses and im sure you can find some chains laying around there...if not do drop sets or have people add weight when you pause at your chest...

    also do lockout work with heavier weights...

    hopefully ive been a help

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