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    Power lifting Question for my Lady

    Ugh. Just typed a whole fucking thread for it to get deleted some how.
    Bottom line is I'm 43 years old, been training my ass off since 14.
    My wife is 41 years old and has given birth naturally to 4 children that are all grown now. She came to me 17 months ago and asked me to train her because she was getting worried about "gravity" since she thinks she's old now. lol
    So long story short, she's got insane genetics, she never lifted a weight in her life, and she started training full time 17 months ago.
    She weighed 92 pounds, at 5'6" when we started. She weighs 110-115 fluctuating now and its 99% muscle gains. She works harder than any man I've ever lifted with or seen. Her gains are a bit freaky to me. She is 100% natural and is fully staying that way. I use TRT and thats it.
    Question is, what meets or comps should i look for for her? She started out deadlifting 70 pounds 17 months ago. at a year into her training she was pulling 205 pounds raw at 108 pounds body weight.
    Is there a masters division for her? and what is her deadlift weight in comparison to woman her age and weight that are actually pulling real weight?
    I believe by 44-45 years old she will be pulling 250-300 pounds at the rate she's trains at.
    She doesn't want to do full powerlifting comps because she has big fake breasts and that is literally the only muscle we avoid. She squats heavy as hell too but deadlifting has turned into her passion.
    Just need a little advice on where she sits and where we should start looking for her to compete?
    Thanks for any tips
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    I don't think usapl does deadlift only meets.
    I know uspa and spf does.

    The are age brackets as well as weight classes.

    Don't worry about what others are pulling.

    (by deadlift only I mean meets where they will allow you to only deadlift. Others there will be doing a full meet, or bench and deads, or just bench, or just deads.)
    Just go and enjoy the competition.

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    No offense brotha. I am not worried about what others are lifting. We are inreseted to see what she pulls at her weight to other top dead lift competitors. Thanks for your response.

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    Power lifting Question for my Lady

    Depending upon where you live, 100% Raw does single lift meets (you can sign up for any of the lifts individually, even if they are doing them all) quite often, and they even brought back the strict curl event.

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    Goggle PL meets in your state and go from there bro good luck.

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