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Thread: Will a SARM degrade steroids?

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    Will a SARM degrade steroids?

    I have been on s23 for 3 weeks. Now ihave added 10 mg dbol and 100 mg tren a.
    Would i see better gains if i dropped the SARM?
    The anabolic doc said in an intervju it was stupid to run em together cause the weaker SARMs will claim space at the receptors. Space which teoretically could be used by the stronger roids. But i like s23. Its winny ligth. Dries u up.
    What do u think guys?

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    Thats the general consensus I have heard about competing for receptors.
    There are others that disagree and think it's impossible to to block them all because there are so many, plus they don't stay there long enough.
    I don't think anyone really knows. I do know gear is generally cheaper and stronger. So I don't see why you would use a SARM in place of gear. If you just like running it, run it. I'm sure 10 years from you would will not say, "if I had only ran dbol instead of s23!"

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    I often run SARMs and gear together .. also have clients do the same thing (usually LGD). SARMs will increase the anabolic load/rating of your cycle without increasing the androgenic load.

    its no different then adding Var or Winny to a test only cycle . your going to get more anabolic effects. SARMs are no different. AAS usually always work better when stacked. they are NOT competing for receptors. quite the opposite actually. they are all taking turns on receptors and communicating DNA to cells. if a SARM binds to a receptor, it does not just stay stuck there and occupy it. it binds, transcribes its genetic code, and then in un-binds and moves on to a new receptor. so every drug/AAS you take is going to have its turn at doing the same thing.
    the more drugs you stack together the more 'anabolic' information your going to transcribe to cells. they are not competing at all.
    besides that, your body has billions of receptors and is constantly making more and more. in fact there is a theory that by mega dosing AAS your body will produce more and more androgen receptors to accommodate the massive influx of hormones.

    think of it like a gang bang. every guy gets his turn.. same with stacking AAS with SARMs. they all get their turn and actually can work together .

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