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    Everything And Anything About Superdrol (SD) and Phera-Plex

    Everything You Need to Know About Superdrol (SD)
    • Opening & Chemical Make-up
      Superdrol also known as SD is marketed as a 'Pro-Hormone' (PH), ‘Over the Counter’ (OTC) or known in the steroid world as a ‘Designer Steroid’. Since the ban of most pro-hormonal substances such as 1-test, 1-AD, M1t, Ect, many company’s such as “Anabolic Xtreme”, “Serious Sport Nutrition” (SNS), Ect, designed a ‘pro hormone’ based off the steroid Masteron . SD is described as a cross between Anavar and Masteron but in reality, it is a super-saturated, or 2-reduced, form of Anadrol . Anadrol has a =C-OH at the 2nd position, and if this is totally saturated (reduced) with hydrogen, it gives -CH3. Another way to describe it is that it is a 2a-17a-dimethyl of drostanolone, or Masteron. Masteron has a single methyl group at the 2nd position. Superdrol is a modification of this structure by adding another methyl group at the 17th position. With its inability to aromatize , since it’s already reduced at the 5th position, it cannot make estrogen. Because of this modification at the 5th position there is no reason to add any type of SERM/AI during your cycle.

      Despite being marketed as a supplement available legally and deemed another 'pro-hormone' or 'pro-steroid' by many companies and people, there is nothing very 'pro' about SD. In reality, SD is a steroid, and that is what the reader must primarily understand. It is methylated, so will cause stress on the liver, which will cause stress on blood pressure, cholesterol and lipid values. It is an anabolic/androgenic steroid, thus it has the potential to give side effects normally seen in normal anabolic steroid use . It will shut your natural testosterone production down, and ‘Post Cycle Therapy ’ (PCT) is not only recommended, but frankly required. I cannot stress the fact how important a proper PCT is after a cycle of SD. We will go fully into PCT later on.
    • Proper Dosing & Effects
      Superdrol is most commonly found in 10mg capsules. Now with clones such as Oxodrol-12, Methyl D-rol, and others, dosing maybe be anywhere from 10-15mg per Pill/tab. In any case same rules apply when dosing. Try and keep around the same number of milligrams described in this section. For 1st time users Superdrol should be started at 10mg as a single dose everyday (ED) for AT LEAST the first few days to 1 week. For past users of SD or other ‘Pro-hormonal’ products, doses of 20mg will be a sufficient start. Doses higher then 10mg should be split in doses throughout the day. Superdrol is only active in the system for 6 hours, by splitting these doses 6 hours apart, you are keeping blood levels stable (taking away from negative sides) and keeping the body as anabolic as possible throughout the whole day.
      Most people feel that when running for longer than 3 weeks, the gains seem to cease in the 4th week. This has led to the conclusion that 3 week cycles of SD are the best option in terms of gains and sides. Also, this is beneficial due to the harsh nature of SD on lipid values. A good cycle of superdrol would be 20mg everyday (ED) for 3 weeks, with a 3-4 week PCT.

      As with all AAS, SD is certainly not side effect free. However, compared to harsher methylated compounds such as M1T, and Dianabol (D-bol), I would say SD does a pretty good job. With its impossibility to aromatize to estrogen, water retention will be low, if any. Heavy Bloating should not occur as one would see with an oral like D-bol or Pheraphlex. Diet will also have a play in minor bloating (I.E. If you take in a lot of dairy, minor bloating may occur). Due to SD’s very low androgenic activity, effects such as male pattern baldness (MPB) will be low, if any at all. Of course if you are prone to MPB, superdrol could help speed up the process since it is slightly androgenic.

      Main side effect most users experience:
      1. Pumps – most users claim to get “almost painful” pumps in the gym after being on SD for over a week. This might not be such a bad side exept the bad back pumps. Most users will experience these painful back pumps after 30-45min of cardio or heavy back exercises such as Deadlifts. A taurine and potassium supplement can be added to prevent this feeling, or adding 1 or 2 bananas ED to your diet can also help with this problem.

      2. Legarthy – In higher dose cases (30mg+) some people claim to have the feeling like a hangover or the “burnt out” feeling. Mega dosing a supplement like Vitamin C anywhere from 5-10g a day can help kick this problem.

      3. Shin Splits – Many people claim painful shin splits when performing cardio, making cardio difficult. Preventing shin splints is almost impossible. By covering the painful area with an ice pack, this should help reduce the pain.

      4. LDL & HDL Cholesterol levels – If I could pick one side I could take away from SD, it would be this. Healthy Cholesterol levels are VERY important, and SD throws these levels all over the place. Increasing in LDL (bad), and decreasing HDL (good). Adding support supplements like Red Yeast Rice (RYR) and Flush Free Niacin are a MUST.

      5. Hepatoxity – Compared to other methylated orals such as (anavar or dbol ) SD ranks up there with one of the worst on liver values. Remember the liver does have the power to heal FAST, but cycles longer then 4 weeks and high in dose (40mg+) could cause possible damage. Adding a support supps like Milk thistle or Liv-52 can help with preventing liver problems.

      6. Loss in libido – some people claim the loss of libido around the end of there cycles. Adding a test booster (Tribulus, Myogenx, Dermacrin Sustain) can help with preventing this problem.

      7. Acne – Some users, (as did I) experience increase in facial acne and body acne. Adding a cleansing facial wash and an anti-acne body wash will help with this.
    • Diet
      As with ANY anabolic, diet it KEY. Without a good diet don’t expect good gains. Steroids are not super drugs; they to need food to help with the muscle building process. This does not mean four bags of potato chips, a Big Mac and some chicken nuggets. It means HEALTHY food. I will not go too far into diet because:

      1. This is not the place to learn how to diet, make your way over to the diet forum and the guys over there can help you, there genius, I promise.

      2. By adding a diet to this article would take me to long, and everyone’s diet is different varying on weight and goals, so it would be pointless.

      Feedback shows that SD works best in a calorific surplus environment, and to be more specific, in an environment where carbohydrates (carbs) are high. For this reason alone, SD shows to be a GREAT “bulking” steroid, however, due to the fact that SD gains are so DRY and lean, SD can also be used while cutting. Many people who cut have an increased feeling of being lethargic, this can be solved by simply increasing the intake of Vitamin C, or upping your carbs by just a little bit. Also, your intake of Essential Fatty Acids (EFA’s) are ESSENTIAL. EFA’s are very important do to the fact SD will significantly "trash" your lipid values. Feedback shows that HDL drops significantly low, and LDL skyrockets. Your diet on SD should be FULL of EFA’s to help prevent these cholesterol issues.
    • Necessary Support Supplements
      ANY and EVERY oral should be run next to some kind of protection. Whether its protection against cholesterol problems, liver problems, kidney issues, high blood pressure, ect. I have put together a list of ‘support supplements’ that should be taking during your cycle of SD and well into your PCT. Some people may have a different view on what they would like to add into their regiment of support, But I will show you the ESSENTIAL support needed. Feel free to add other things such as Saw Palmetto (colon support) or Taurine (back pump support), LIV-52 (extra liver support), ect. I will not go over these, since they are definitely not needed for everyone. In this section we will go over proper dosing of these support supplements and how long they should be run for.

      Superdrol is methylated, and being a 17-alkylated compound; stress will inevitably be put on the liver. Adding Milk thistle at a dose of 2000mg’s a day will be sufficient. Milk thistle should be run starting 1 week before the cycle and all the way through PCT.

      The BIG issue we talked about before (diet section) was the ‘trashing’ of the lipid values. Thus, if there is one thing I would never forget during an SD cycle, it would be cholesterol support. Red Yeast Rice (RYR) is one of the best cholesterol supports out there. Comparable to minor prescription drugs like statins, RYR is cheap and effective. It should be run at 1200mg ED during the cycle and for the duration of PCT. No front loading is needed for RYR.

      Niacin or also known as Nicotinic Acid or Vitamin B3, should also be run along side RYR for more cholesterol support. Adding ‘Flush Free’ Niacin will help by making the ‘flush’ feeling (very hot, itchy, light headed) disappear. Dose Niacin at 1000 mg ED through your cycle. Continuing Niacin through PCT is not needed, because of the support from RYR, although it can’t hurt.

      One problem with supplementing RYR is that is diminishes the heart of CoQ10. By adding a small dose of CoQ10 you can help the heart maintain a safe level. Dose CoQ10 at anywhere from 100-300mg ED. Run this through your cycle and all the way through PCT. Start this product 1 week before the start of your cycle.

      Another problem with superdrol is its tendency to increase blood pressure (BP). Add Hawthorn Berry to battle against this high blood pressure. Once again not everyone will experience high BP from SD, but it is common and should be aided by supplementing some kind of support. Dose the Hawthorn berry anywhere from 1000-1200mg ED for the duration of the cycle and into PCT. Start this support a week before your cycle as well.

      Also, adding a Multi-vitamin or Multi-Vitamin pack, will help by giving the body the extra support such as Vitamin A, C, D, E, Riboflavin, ect. Although some people may say this is not needed, I believe a Multi-Vitamin should be taken ED weather on cycle or not.

      Example Layout of Support Supplements:

      One Week Before
      Milk Thistle 1000mg ED
      Hawthorn Berry 1100mg ED
      CoQ10 – 250mg ED

      During Cycle & PCT
      Milk Thistle – 2000mg ED
      Hawthorn Berry 11oomg ED
      CoQ10 – 250mg ED
      Red Yeast Rice – 100mg ED
      Niacin – 1000mg ED
      Multi- Vitamin Or Multi Vitamin Packs
    • Post Cycle Therapy
      Welcome to your BEST friend or your WORST nightmare. Post cycle therapy or PCT can MAKE or BREAK a good cycle. Anyone can pack on 5-20 pounds on Superdrol, but the real question is; can you keep it? As you might remember I STRESSED the fact of a proper PCT. Without PCT you can run into a bunch of problems, just to mention a couple, low testosterone production, and Gynecomastia (gyno).
      By adding SD to your system, you are slowly turning off your natural test production. By stopping SD without PCT you are leaving the body with low testosterone levels, which in turn will leave you with a lack of libido, lack of energy and make you fairly moody. Without a PCT you will also experience elevated estrogen levels possibly causing gyno. Gyno is the development of abnormally large mammary glands, resulting in breast enlargement. By adding
      'Clomiphene Citrate' (Clomid) and 'Exemestane' (aromasin ) we can solve these two problems. 1. By adding these two products we are making an environment in the body to block estrogen (bad) and raise testosterone (good). By doing this, we are helping ourselves to keep as much of our gains as possible. And that’s the only thing that really matters right?
      You may also add a test booster for more support; examples would be MyogenX or Dermacrine Sustain. I will not go over these, but feel free to look them up as I have used them both and highly recommend both products for PCT.

      Example of PCT

      Week 1
      Clomid: 100mg
      Aromasin: 25mg

      Week 2
      Clomid: 70mg
      Aromasin: 25 mg

      Week 3
      Clomid: 70 mg
      Aromasin: 25mg

      Week 4
      Clomid: 35mg
      Aromasin: 25mg

      Also, people who are prone to gyno should add a 5th week of JUST aromasin to help battle against estrogen rebound, if any.
    • Some Other Things & Closing
      There’s one main thing I forgot to add to this article. And that is water intake. Water intake should be very high during your cycle and well into your PCT. With consumption of AT LEAST a gallon a day. By drinking lots of water we are refreshing the body by hydrating it and helping the kidneys with urination. Make sure you drink your water!

      Superdrol is a steroid that should not be taking lightly. It has the potential to do some moderate to harsh damage on the body. A person with no knowledge of the subject could potentially damage something permanently, causing much bigger problems later on in life. But with proper support supplementation, high water intake, a good diet and proper dosing, we can eliminate most if not all of the problems. If you plan on doing a cycle of SD You should be over 21. Now I know a lot of young kids are going to read this and I know you want to get big, but wait it out! Trust me, it will be worth it. If you are under 18 DO NOT even think about taking this product. You might end up making good gains, but you could potentially ruin your chances to make gains in the future. And, what good are gains? If you cant continue to make more?

      I tried to make this article Non-biased. I did not want to lean to either side. Showing the good AND the bad of superdrol. Of course my views are going to lean more to the side of good, because I had such a great experience on it. And had such great, great gains. If you plan on doing superdrol please make sure you know as much as possible, I feel like this article is everything you need to know to do a cycle, but there is a lot that is not in here. I did not go super deep into things to make the article reader friendly and keep it short and not boring. I hope you enjoyed and learned a lot.

      Keep Lifting, And Get BIG

      I would also like to thank a couple people for pushing me to learn as much as I could before i jumped into anything.

      #12 - for being the main man, and putting up with my lame smart ass remarks hahaha. (If you ever have a chance run a cycle with someone, it will really push you to the next level and the discussions you can have about questions, certian sides, doses and many other things just help with the cycle.) so thanks bro for everything. hopefully we can run the next one together to.

      Notorious Mem - Havnt seen him around in a while, but he really helped me with my first cycle and finding everything I needed. So thanks bro

      Upstate - No longer here, but the man answered every question I ever had. Great guy and upstate if you ever read this, thanks bro.

      Capt Dominate - You did nothing! haha, but for real thanks for being such a huge inpiration and please stop working out that back, I'll never catch up

      Im sure I forgot a couple people, If I did, you know who you are and thanks for helping.

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    Quote Originally Posted by androbolic_09
    There should be an article like this for pheraplex and other compounds. Or a profile list like roids. JMO

    Here is Phera Plex:

    Madol (desoxymethyltestosterone)

    Androgenic : 187
    Anabolic : 1,200
    Standard: methyltest (oral)
    Chemical Names:
    Estrogenic Activity: none
    Progestational Activity: no data available

    Madol (desoxymethyltestosterone; also known as DMT) is a potent synthetic oral anabolic steroid , first patented in 1961 by Max Huffman of the Lasdon Foundation115. This agent was never made available as a commercial prescription drug product, and saw only limited investigation in the mid-1960's before disappearing into research obscurity. Madol remained hidden in the library bookshelves for decades, until remerging in 2005 as a new "designer steroid" of interest to international sports doping officials. This was due to the confiscation of a sample of DMT at the Canadian border in December of 2003, where it was found in the possession of Canadian sprinter Derek Dueck during a routine vehicle inspection. The DMT sample remained nameless in a Customs warehouse for over a year, until officials from the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) finally became involved and had it tested and identified. Madol is only the third never commercially marketed anabolic steroid found to be in use by athletes, following norbolethone and THG.

    Structurally, desoxymethyltestosterone is a very unique compound. Its name might imply it is a derivate of methyltestosterone , and perhaps in a way it is. The association between the two steroids , however, is very loose, for certain. The very different thing about DMT is that it is structurally a 2-ene compound, lacking the 3-keto group present on nearly all commercial anabolic steroids . This lack of a 3-keto group, however, does not mean Madol is a weak compound. Quite the contrary, Madol is an exceedingly potent oral steroid. According to the standard rat assays, Madol exceeds methyltestosterone in oral potency by a factor of 12116. At the same time, its androgenicity is recorded to be only 87% higher than methyltestosterone, giving Madol an extremely favorable anabolic to androgenic ratio (measured to be nearly 6.5:1). The resulting steroid is considerably different than methyltestosterone, a drug which is both significantly weaker mg for mg than Madol,and possesses a much more formidable androgenic component.

    Unlike its distant cousin methyltestosterone, Madol is unable to convert to estrogen. This means that its use should not impart the normal estrogenic side effects such as increased water retention, fat buildup, or gynecomastia . This makes it an excellent agent to use during lean tissue building cycles, having an effect somewhat along the lines of Winstrol or trenbolone . It can also be used in bulking cycles. It is neither estrogenic nor significantly androgenic, however, and therefore not going to provide the same sheer-mass-building benefits that an injectable testosterone would. In general, we can say that Madol is functionally far removed from its cousin methyltestosterone, which is known for being a problematic side-effect-producing mass builder and a terrible agent to use during cutting cycles. The one principle side effect it does share with methyltestosterone, however, its hepatotoxicity. One should respect this agent in this regard, and be conservative with its dosage and duration of use as one would any other c-17 alpha alkylated oral.
    Although Madol was never sold as a commercial prescription anabolic steroid, it did appear on the sports nutrition market in 2005 under the brand name ErgoMax LMG (Lean Mass Generator). The compound has subsequently appeared under other brand names, as its popularity and true identity spread among consumers (and other companies decided to cash in on them). This drug is sort of in a grey area legally. It is not yet listed on any State or Federal law as an anabolic steroid, and therefore is not subject to criminal possession laws (you can't get busted for owning or using DMT). But at the same time, it is clearly synthetic in nature, and therefore not quite legal to sell as a dietary supplement. At the time of writing this, the FDA has acknowledged the presence of DMT in the supplement market, and is in the process of evaluating and removing such products from commerce.

    Manufacture of this unique steroid is not extremely easy. The first hints of this came from the World Anti-Doping Agency, who reported that the confiscated sample of DMT was shown to be very impure upon analysis. It was principally comprised of four different steroidal components, DMT, its unmethylated analog, and isomers of these two steroids bearing a 3-ene structure instead of 2-ene. DMT is likely the only effective anabolic steroid in the group, making it obvious the blend is an issue of manufacturing contamination and not functionality. The same issue appeared again when Don Catlin and his staff at the UCLA Olympic Analytical Laboratory began working on methods for detecting DMT in urine. The procedure required they obtained samples of DMT to work with, which was accomplished by chemically modifying the available starting material 5-alpha-androst¬2-ene-17-one. Even the laboratory material they had to work with was shown to be a mixture of both 2-ene and 3¬ene isomers (in approximately a 4:1 ratio) upon analysis, and unexpected but now obviously consistent result. It is unknown if any pure DMT product has been produced to date, so the same purity issues are likely to appear in other (perhaps all) DMT-containing products.

    An effective oral daily dosage for Madol would fall in the range of 5-15mg (males). Given that purity of this material seems to remain an issue, this could relate to as much as 10-30mg per day (or more) of any product containing DMT. Some may be tempted to go higher than this in dosage, but should keep in mind the liver toxicity of the agent (and at the very least plan for regular blood tests). This steroid is also very versatile one, and will stack well with a variety of other compounds for either cutting or bulking purposes. Health conscious individuals will want to stick with non-alkylated injectable compounds, so that overall hepatotoxicity is minimized. For mass, this could mean stacking 10mg daily with 200-600mg weekly of an injectable testosterone. Deca -Durabolin or Equipoise can alternately be used for more muscle definition. Here, a six week run combining 400mg per week of nandrolone or boldenone ester with 10mg daily of DMT should impart significant tissue gains without excessive androgenic or estrogenic side effects. It is of note that this steroid is mild enough to be used by women, although the dosage should be much smaller (only 1-2mg per day). Still, it is a potent steroid, and as such there is no guarantee virilizing side effects will not occur.

    Although at one point this could have been considered an effective and excellent "invisible" designer steroid for use while competing in drug-tested sports, this is no longer the case. The UCLA Olympic Laboratory was successful in its quest to detect Madol in urine, and these methods have been made available to all Olympic drug testing labs. Any sport that has its athletes' urine samples analyzed at an accredited laboratory will undoubtedly be checking for DMT at this point. Still, it is an oral steroid, and likely most metabolites are cleared from the body within a few weeks of stopping its use (not unlike most oral steroids ). I'm sure it is still around in some competitive circles, taunting testing officials with its relatively rapid rate of clearance. The exact future of DMT-containing supplements seems certain at this point in time - there will not be much of one. The drug is too potent, too synthetic, too controversial, too much an obvious anabolic steroid for the FDA to drop the ball. If you want this steroid and can still find it, you better stock up quick!

    "without your word you're a shell of a man" - Tupac

    ***Giants11 is a fictional character any advice given is purely for entertainment purposes, always consult a physician before taking any supplements, drugs or changing your diet.***

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