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    where to find reasonably priced already separated size 0 capsules?

    I am trying to locate a reasonable source online for the purchase of already separated capsules size 0. So far i have only found this company But if i buy the 20,000 peices its $327 which is $32.70 per 2,000 pcs. They sell the regular not seperated not much cheaper at $28.80 per 2,000 pcs if you buy the 20,000pc bulk order.
    Primeherb sells their non separated capsules for $18 but does not carry the already seperated capsules.I am thinking since primeherb sells there not separated capsules alot cheaper than the company above then maybe somewhere someone is selling the already separated cheaper also.

    Would anyone happen to have a link to a reasonable supplier of already separated size 0 capsules available?

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    Separated capsules available at Capsule Connection

    You can go to to order separated capsules.
    If you want to get at least 5000, then go to the top right of the page at "Wholesale Prices" and then you can get 40% off -- or $12.48 per thousand with free shipping for orders over $75.

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    9,943 sells the capsules and machines cheaper than anyone I know.

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