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    Where to buy bulk isolated soy protein?

    -mods, not sure if this is the correct forum, move as needed, thanks.
    My dad who was a monster in his prime used to buy six 50lb bags of iso soy protein (yes SIX) at a time from the distributor direct. Recently they cut him off unless he buys 10 bags at a time, they are $175 each if i remember correctly. He doesnt want to do that, i would buy 4 off him, but im clear across the country and shipping will be rediculous. The brand name was "profam 891 isolated soy protein" and it was made by a company named ADM out of chicago IL. Hes almost out, and im almost through my 50lb bag. I mix this stuff in EVERYTHING, oatmeal, whey shakes, cereal, and ETC. Ive been using it since i was 14 and my dad has since 18 years old, lol.

    Anyone know where it can be bought like this? Even by the pound if all else fails? Im located in Ca, hes still in Chicago IL. thanks to anyone that might have some insight.

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    289 has it.

    Just curious, why soy?

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    694, ON do a soy protein aswell but myprotein is much cheaper and they have over taken ON as my favourite supp company.

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