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    Myoplex Protein Shakes

    Alright, I started protein shakes about 3 years ago and didn't know much about them. My buddy was the when that introduced me to Myoplex and figured the ionized whey protein from concentrate, taurine, L-Glutamine, and many other good stuff for $60. Is there anything else that is comparative to Myoplex for cheaper? Thanks. Peace.

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    This is the one used It Myoplex Deluxe.

    I never used different one. My friend works in supp store and he said that they are ones with this same stuff in it but cheaper. I never really got into them. I hope someone else will help you out with a cheaper one. Good luck bro.

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    You have a couple of options, you can go with the Myoplex Deluxe, but no matter where you order from, EAS is overpriced. (That is EAS's fault.) Or you can go with just a straight meal replacement. I wouldn't bother with the deluxe, personally (especially if you are worried about the cost) I wouldn't use it because if I remember correctly the dosages of the supplement in there are very low. It would be better to go with a cheaper meal replacement and purchasing another supplement to take with it.

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    IMO, you should be taking an MRP and a whey protein shake every day. i swear by ultramet chocalate for my MRP, and i've used a variety of different wheys. right now i'm using isomatrix from syntrax, i've used nitrotech, and next i'm gonna try optimum blend 55 from optimum

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    Check out Vitaminworld they have a MRP called Protoplex. It is the exact same thing as Myoplex only for a lot less. It also has 1 gram more of protein and you can usually get it for around $22 for a 20 pack. Usually runs for around 29 but they have special on it every month. Also Vitiaminworld won manufacture of the year in 1999. You can order it on their website if you do not have one close.

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