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    What should I take?

    Hello, everyone!
    I am 21 years old, 75kgs, 174cms, about 16-17% body fat, training for about 3 years. So far I've been taking the usual stuff like creatine, whey, citruline but I want to try something new. I want something with overall benefits for a sports contest: speed, strength, endurance etc. Also, a supplement that promotes lean muscle mass will do.
    Someone recomanded me a supplement called Devid Dog by marine muscle but I can't find any reliable info about it on the internet...
    What do you suggest?
    P.s. I'm from eastern europe and a lot of nre stuff isn't availabe here yet.

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    You are exactly the same weight and bodyfat you were 3 years ago.

    Forget the supplements and focus on your diet and training. These are the best years of your life for natty gains, stop wasting them and your money and spend it on food.

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    Take advantage of your own naturally high hormone levels while you can. All you need is TRAINING,FOOD,REST and tons of discipline and dedication.

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    I'd supplement heavily with
    - whole milk
    - whole chickens
    - lots and lots of Steak
    - Tuna
    - Rice

    then put that together with a well planned training program focused on progressive overload

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    Fish oil and caffeine maybe here and there and a one a day vitamin

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