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    Prohormones = doorway for drugs?

    Like cigerretes leads marijuana, leads to cocain etc, etc...if you believe that; seems like the ads that sell products with steroid like effects plant the seed for the real thing? After being frustrated with buying bullshit in the past after my expectations were gaining from actual grey market anabolics I often wonder if it contributed to my present "real deal" shit that actually works. Anyone else have any thoughts about this?

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    Lots of studies show these items to have just as many sides as AAS sometimes even more and they are more expensive than AAS so it does begin to make you wonder!

    The choice as I view it is this

    Pro-Hormones expensive and do not always produce the results expected.Sides are as bad or even worse than AAS.

    AAS inexpensive , results are more or less guranteed same sides as Pro-Hormones

    I know which one I would choose

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    Bump that, with the right PH you can make awesome legal gains. But some of them are worse than methoxy !!! Its a guessing game if you aren't educated on the matter.

    Steroids are cheaper. For sure. The quality PH sell for enormous amounts. Add to that shipping and import taxes in Europe and its a heck of a lot more. Steroids sell for same or less, and no matter what steroid , you are bound to get some gains at least.

    The manufacturers fault. Make them too expensive, patent the crap and so forth. On top of that some dubious companies boast steroid-like effects, name them like steroids, make them look like steroids...

    Hell yeah, unless someone starts controlling the advertising for this stuff, PH are definitely a stepping stone to steroids.

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    Billy Boy summed it up perfectly.

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