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    U guys r cool.....

    Like I mentioned in my previous mail, I weight 10.2stones. Ideally I would like to put on 2 more stones, I donít want to look fat or puffy, I so desperately want to look lean. So my ultimate goal is to weight 12stones and look lean and hard.

    Iím not sure how to tell you about my nutrition, I really donít have one, however I do eat a lot of rice with this there is always chicken and eggs and I also drink a lot of water.

    Could you please advise me on how many times I realistically should train and how many times I should eat and in whot proportion. Iím also considering doing steroids fairly soon, could you please advice me on whot to take to get my desired look, nothing too strong.

    I do appreciate ur helpÖ
    Thank u

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    Hi Magic

    When you are gaining mass it is very hard to keep the B/F levels very low so Gaining Mass = Small amount of fat Gain the mass then cut up.

    I think you should stay away from AS for the distant future and concentrate on you diet as you need to get this right prior to any form of AS use.

    I would train 3 times a week using the big excercises like Bench Press Deadlift Squats use one of these each time you train and use smaller exc around these big uns.

    Getting enough rest is also very important as your muscles need to repair themselves.A general rule of thumb is do not train that body part for 48hrs after working it out


    At 10.2 this = 142 lbs so I would consume the following

    Protein 213g (832 cals)in at least 6 six servings approx 2 hrs apart this = 1.5g per lb bodyweight.Remember to increase the protein as your B,W increases

    Carbs I would aim for at 375g (1500cals)

    Fat 50g (450cals)

    This will give you approx 2800 cals a day.I feel that this is more than what you are consuming anyway.Do this for a week and gradually increase it until you see the weight going on.Increase it in small increments and you can adjust it with greater control

    Take Creatine 5g a day
    Glutamine 5-10g a day
    Protein shake to ensure enough protein is consumed
    A good Multivitamin
    Vitamin C at lest 1000mg a day

    If you are unsure what creatine and glutamine is check my previous posts on the Supplement board

    Hope I covered everything if not let me know!!


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    Magic...Billy hit the nail on the head. Stick to the guidelines he has given you and you'll do OK. I just want to add a couple of things. Try and get the bulk of your protein from the following whole, clean sources; chicken breasts, lean beef, fish fillets, shell fish, tuna, egg whites (some yolks) and to a lesser extent nuts (unsalted). As far as carbs, stick with complex carbs such as brown rice, brown pasta, wheat bread or bagels, yams (sweet potatos), oats, fresh fruit, fresh and frozen vegetables. Last but not least attempt to get your fat from the following; fatty fish (salmon, herring mackerel), avacado, natural peanut butter, nuts, egg yolks, olive oil, flax seed oil (omega 3 and omega 6 fats work well together and will actually promote fat loss). Remember these suggestions are also will have to tailor your diet so it works for you and allows you to get the required nutrients. Oh...BTW drink at least 4 litres of water per day (8 litres is better). You cannot drink too much water. Good luck bro.

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