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    Talking My work out help

    I just wanted to ask everyone what they thought of my work out routine,

    I work right thru the week, i usually take sat and sun off (maybe run on sat) Now since school started again i take tuesday and wed off cause i cannot go cause of work.

    Any way gooing on the shcdule of sat and sun off. I would work one muscle group a day

    tues-bi's and tri's
    wed - back
    Thurs - shoulders
    frid - legs

    Chest is biggest excersise i do inclines, declines, flat bench, wide grips and pec dec's.. all with dumbels except for the wide grip bench press.

    arms i vary i usually do three or four diff xcersies a week.
    AND MY BISEPTS NEVER FREAKN GROW... i get stronger but they look the same

    shoulders i do the same every week just like my chest about 4 of them dumbel presses lat raises forward raises t rows shrugs..

    has anyone else domne somehting like that. Should i work each group more frequently.

    i work 3 or 4 sets of ten each

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    take your reps down to 6-8 add more weight

    what is your diet like?

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