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    High or low reps for legs?

    Is it better to do high reps or low reps for legs? I used to do high reps and they didn't seem to grow much. I get good pumps either way.

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    G-S Guest
    8-10 is perfect bro. Stick with that.

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    ok, first you aren't getting a good pump in one thread, and now you're saying you get good pumps either way ???? wtf

    for me, it depends on what workout i'm doing.

    squats - i build up to a lot of weight and do low reps - like 2 to 5
    extension - usually higher reps (well, 8-10, that's higher)
    curls - same thing (8-10)
    lunges - same thing (8-10)

    (that's not the only things i do though...i do a few more, just don't feel like listing them)

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    Keymastur, in my squat thread I said I don't get good pumps from squats. In this thread I'm more talking about high and low reps for legs in general. On leg press for instance, I get good pumps from high or low reps.

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    i like to go sets of 10 with squats and sets of 15 to 20 with leg presses

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    Well I've tried high reps and I've tried low reps....for me keeping my reps between 10 and 4 works the best. The biggest key to getting bigger legs is by how much effort you put into your squat routine not how many reps you did. If you did 6 reps for example but you could have done 8 or 9 than you did'nt put enough effort into it.

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