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    Working anterior and lateral delts

    Since I've increased the weight on the close grip bench press so that i do about 8-10 reps instead of 12 I've noticed that my shoulders make a heck of a lot more noise, so much that everyone can hear it across the room. I guess its the humeral head grinding in the socket as the weight is lowered to my chest and its not painful.

    Is there some other way to work the anterior delts apart from overhead presses. I want to avoid these. Are front raises any good? I never really liked them that much, they seem to stress everything.

    For the lateral delts, are lateral raises best? Does bent over rowing and wide grip bench presses work the shoulders pretty well already so that these small light weight exercises like raises aren't needed?

    Thanks for anything on this

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    try military press to see if that noise is still there for the anterior.

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    If someone across the room can hear your shoulder noises you are asking for trouble! You may not have any pain but you will is due time. I suggest you reevaluate form and drop the weight connecting with the intended muscle not just pushing action. And by the way db overhead presses if done correctly hit the medial(lateral as you called it) with anterior(front) delt secondary assumming a near 90deg angle. Yes performing light weight db laterals of all kinds are needed to finish capping the delts.

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