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    Help me out a little

    I am 16 and I weigh in at 147(bare footed)
    This is what I usually do for chest, I am trying to gain some size and strength, what do you think??

    Incline Bench:
    set 1> 205lbs @4 reps
    set 2> 195lbs @6 reps
    set 3> 185lbs @8 reps
    set 4> 175lbs @10 reps

    Flat Bench(which I never do)
    Set 1> 115lbs @10
    set 2> 115lbs @ 8
    set 3> 115lbs @ 6

    I usually switch out decline bumbells and bench press, but they suck so its not important, and I switch up flat bench for flat bumbells every other week. Once I get through with this I usually head to the cables, I do 2 excersices over there but I dont know what they are called, so what do you think, I know I am doing somethin wrong. KRIS

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    your strength is going to come from flat bench

    you need to rework your flat bench and vary the weight

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    aside from the chest training specifics, can you tell us a little more about your overall training and dieting program.... DIET DIET DIET (not "fat loss diet" like on tv, diet meaning what you eat) is as important as your training if not more... we will help as best we can if you provide some more info (just be honest), welcome to the board by the way

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    Re: Help me out a little

    Originally posted by Kris6885
    I usually switch out decline bumbells and bench press, but they suck so its not important

    First off, Welcome to AR! Try not to get too frustrated when you first start working out. Its tough at first but well worth every bit of effort! Try doing lower reps (sets of 8-6-4-2) and heavier weight. (make sure to have someone spot) Don't worry about how much you put up yet, just concentrate on form, good burn and fatigue of the muscle. What else can you tell us about your workout routine?

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