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    Arrow Postels training schedual. Critics please

    Just thought i'd post my training schedual and see what people thought. Try and be nice.

    DAY 1 Chest

    Incline press 10,8,4-6
    Incline DB 10,8,4-6
    Incline fly 10,8,4-6
    Flat bench 10,8,4-6
    Flat DB 10,8,4-6
    Pec dec 12,10,8
    Cables 10,8,4-6

    DAY 2 Back

    Seated row 8,6,4
    Lat pull down (behind the neck) 8,6,4
    Bent row 8,6,4
    DB row 8,6,4
    Close grip pulldown 8,6,4
    Rear delt 12,10,8
    Pull ups to failiure

    DAY 3 Legs

    Squat 10,8,6
    Leg curl 10,8,6
    Leg press 8,6,4
    Alternate leg extension 10,8,4-6
    Seated calf raise 20,18,16
    Standing calf raise 10,8,6

    DAY4 Shoulders

    DB press 10,8,6
    Barbell press 10,8,6
    Upright row 8,6,4
    Front raise 10,8,6
    Lateral raise 10,8,6
    Alternate lateral cable raises 10,8,6
    shrugs 10,8,4-6

    DAY 5 Arms

    Barbell curl 10,8,4-6
    Alternate DB 10,8,4-6
    Close grip preacher 10,8,4-6
    Reverse barbell 10,8,6
    Skull crusher 8,6,4
    Rope push down 8,6,4
    Kick back 8,6,4
    Dip to failiure

    DAY 6 Abs

    Crunches 30,30,30
    Side bends 15,15,15
    Rotations 10,10,10
    Cable crunch 10,8,4-6
    Decline crunch 10,10,10

    That's how i'm training
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    Well personally I think that you might get even better results if you decreased the amount of sets you do.The guideline I use for myself is 8-10 sets for large muscles and 5-6 sets for smaller muscles.When I started training this way I saw the best size and strength gains of my life & I'm still gaining.And for the pecs in particular try choosing only 4 exercises to blast the pecs from 4 different angles.And it's my belief that the shoulders don't need to be hit as hard because of all the assistance work they do with the chest and back.But then again your body might respond to the higher volume so if it works for you do it

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    if it works for you great, i like the reps and sets

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