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Thread: tendentious

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    Just wondering what you guys do what you get tendentious. Do you let up totally on that area, just continue to work through it and let it burn out or just go light for a while?

    I have it in my elbow now from heavy tris. I stopped tris for a couple of weeks and it still hurts like a bitch. I had it in my forearm a few years back and went a little lighter but worked through it. It took a few months before it went away.

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    First of you need to rest and ice it daily. Pop a couple of advil too and it'll help ease the pain. (I sometimes pop 800 mg's when I want to numb it out).

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    I had that shit too and it was a bitch! I bought some elbow braces and they really helped. Just stretch it out real good before lifting and like KeyMastur said ice it up.

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    I have recurring tendonitus as well, static stretching and iceing/heat helps. I still have to go much lighter when I start feelin' it. .02

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    "Just continue and let it burn out, screw pain??"

    I hate to tell y'all this, but tendinitis does not burnout; it only gets worse if you don't let up. And when it does, you will need cortizone shots at the least, surgery at the worst.

    Ditto tenosinovitis and carpal tunnel, both of which are in the same family of conditions.

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    tnt is right
    imange a rope that gets a fray and the more you pull it the more it frays
    tendon is put together like a rope connecting muscle to bone---and tendionitis is that rope fraying and rubbing nerves and other things around it

    ice,anti inflamatories,rest,brace when train

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    I can verify TNT's post, back 2yrs ago i thought i could work thru it, ended up having to take 4 months off and getting a cortizone shot, and now i can only do certain tri movements without felling a lil something there.

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    I feel your pain, I get tendonitis from time to time. The first time it lasted almost 2 years
    Try to do light when it acts up, otherwise you'll be sorry... Trust me on that

    Feel better...

    BBB..( I'm Cool)....

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