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    Question need advice on training

    I am about to start my first cycle of winnie and deca . I was wondering if i should change my lifting routine significantly or generally keep it the same. I already am lifting in the 8-12 rep range and have a good training split. My goal is to gain size and mass, any recomendations as far as rep range and duration of resting in between sets. Thanks

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    I can only tell you that with A.S. use you will most certainly maintain a positive nitrogen balance, which basically means that your muscles will always be recovering faster than you're breaking them down. I don't know how great your training volume is but as long as you feed the muscles and sleep well you can train much longer and more frequently.

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    You know a workout forum would be great to answer these type of questions

    Repost and list your present w/o or PM me if you want a decent routine, something I know alittle about

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    Hey bro,

    (not exactly a steroid Q. but never the less)

    I favor short duration/high intensity work outs.

    I also have found using low reps for compound movements (i.e 6 reps for Bench Press) and higher reps for isolation movements (10-12 reps for flyes) but in the same workout. Use high and low reps ur getting the best of both. Stick to low reps for mass building movements as i said.

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