Hello guys!
I just started a new workout routine and have some doubts about it, maybe only a psicologic thing.
After 3 months of higher reps and mid-weight - I allways tried to get 10 reps, starting with the heaviest weight, later decreasing weight each set - to get the 10 reps together,
now I want to do between 10 and 6 reps (small muscle groups) and 12 and 8 (for the bigger ones), with increasing weight each set.
With legs I had no problem to increase the weight 10kg each set and to reach the reps.
Same with back.

But I really struggeld with bizeps, trizeps and chest, maybe - now the psicologic factor - I just wanted too much...

I'll post my routine for you to have a look at.

I'm training 2 days a week, each muscle all 7 days.

Monday - off

little warm up
(2 light warm up sets)
4 sets flat bech, 12, 10, 8, 6,
increasing the weight only 2,5kg each set, but I'm not able to do in the last set 8 reps. Chest is my weakest part!!!
4 sets flat db - press, just managed to increase weight 2 times, had to do the last set with lower weight.

(warm up set)
4 sets wide grip lat pull down, 12,11,10,9
increasing weight 5kg each set - no problem at all, great feeling
3 sets close grip pull down, 12,11,9 same as above.
3 sets bar bell rowing, 10,9,8, struggeling in the last set but o.k.

little cardio 15 mins

wednesday - off

thursday - off

little warm up
4 sets bar bell curls, targed reps 10,9,8,8 with only 1,25kg increase each set.
but the last set is so hard, that I can't increase the weight anymore, so I had to lower weight again.....
3 sets of standing hammer curls, 10,9,8 - impossible to increase weight in the last set, so I had to do it with the starting weight.

4 sets french press, 10,9,8,8, same as biceps, planned 1,25kg increase each set, but the last 2 sets I'm out of power.
3 sets dips, 10,9,8,8 - o.k so far

2 sets lateral rises 10,8, increase of 2kg last set
2 sets shoulder press 10,8 increase of 2kg. - O.K. so far

3 sets leg extensions, 14,13,12 - 5kg more each set
3 hamstring excercise, same as above
4 sets leg press, 14,13,12,10 - 10kg more each set - no problem, great feeling

15 mins cardio

I decided NOT to train biceps with back and trizeps with chest a year ago, because training only 2 times a week I prefered to train bis and tris together with full power, not pre exhausted.

Now my questions:

- I that plan more or less O.K.?

- Coming from a plan, where I trained with the max load in the first set (bis and tris for example), I feel that now I have to train with the same weight in the last, heaviest set, even with less reps, if not, it would be a step back... or is that bullshit??
- If I start bis with a lower weight as now (1,25kg is the smallest plate in my gym), I could do much more reps as I want, like 12 maybe.. so is 12,10,8,6 o.k. too? Or too much difference in rep range?
- Or would it be better to do 10, 9 (with increasing weight), 9,9 (with decreasing weight)?
- Or do I think too much and as long as I go to muscle failor everythink is O.K.?

Thanks a lot for reading all that!!!

regards from spain