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    extra workouts on juice????

    Now I know that you're only supposed to work out each muscle no more than once a week, but I got to tell when you are on the juice you have so much damn strength, recovery, endurance, and intensity that when you're only at the gym for an hour to an hour1/2 each day you feel like you're cheating yourself. I wanted to know if anyone does 2 a days (one workout in the morning and one at night) when they are juicing or if guys train a muscle more than once every 7 days when they're juicing because I feel like an animal and want to be in the gym every couple of hours when i feel this strong but I know about rest and diet being more important that overtraining. let me know what you think.

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    As long as you know you're body well could possibly hit a muscle group again within the week, and more so with the smaller muscle groups. You just have to lookout for overtraining, cause all your gains will hinder, and the rest is what makes you grow.


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