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    I have about 8 weeks till a bench meet I have been told time and time agin to JUST train bench I need a little help coming up with a program to hit it HARD and fully recover I dont have time to order gear so im gonna go clean last year I benched 425 weiging 241 im gonna try 405 at 220 this year. im thinking chest,sholders, and tris on monday...back & bis wed.....lite chest and tris on fri...thanks in advance bros

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    go to read the articles on bench pressing, accomodating resitance, and the conjugate method.
    This maybe a little too much to incorperate into your training at this stage of the game, but it will help for next time out and I'm sure you'll find some tips you'll be able to use right away.

    good luck,


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    xxxl83 s advice is great---all you need to know there.
    i will help you some
    on your light day make sure you are doing board presses and on regular day after bench do floor presses
    do you use a shirt

    if you want real good answers pm powerlifter jay hes a bench expert--hit 600lbs at 240 and hold fla record---tell him i sent you hes my training partner

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    I would do chest on Monday, Shoulders on wed and tris on friday. I wouldnt worry about back right now.

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