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    Please critique

    Please critique, and offer suggestions.
    I will be starting this workout as of Monday...

    Monday: Chest & Back

    Incline dumbbell press: 4 sets Reps: 12,10,10,8
    Bench press: 4 sets Reps: 8, 6, 6, 4
    Lat pull down: 4 sets Reps: 12,10,10,8
    Incline back pullback: 4 sets Reps: 12,10,10,8
    Seated rows: 4 sets Reps: 12,10,10,8
    Lower back extensions: 3 sets Reps: 20 each
    Cable cross overs: 4 sets Reps: 15,12,12,10
    Close grip lats (machine): 3 sets Reps: 12,10,10

    Tuesday: Legs & Abs
    Squat: 4 sets Reps: 10,8,6,6
    Leg Extensions: 4 sets Reps: 12,12,10,10
    Leg curls: 4 sets Reps: 12,12,10,10
    Seated calf raises 4 sets Reps:15,12,10,8
    Laying Crunches: 4 sets
    Cardio: 25mins
    Torso Rotation: 20 reps 3 sets

    Wednesday: Shoulders & Traps
    Military press: 4 sets Reps: 10,8,6,6
    Dumbbell Side Laterals: 4 sets Reps: 12,10,10,8
    Dumbbell bent over rows: 4 sets Reps: 12,10,8,8
    Dumbbell shrugs: 4 sets: Reps: 20,15,15,12
    Upright rows: 4 sets: 12,10,10,8

    Thursday: Chest & Abs
    Decline benchpress: 4 sets Reps: 8,6,6,4
    Close grip Bench press: 4 sets Reps: 8,6,6,4
    Cable crossovers (Bottom): 4 sets Reps: 15,12,12,10
    laying Crunches: 4 sets
    Cardio: 25mins

    Friday: Biís & Triís
    Standing bicep curl: 4 sets: Reps:10,8,6,4
    Skull Crushers: 4 sets: Reps: 10,8,6,4
    Rope pull downs: 4 sets Reps:12,10,10,8
    Hammer curls: 3 sets: Reps: 12,10,10,8
    Triceps pushdown: 4 sets: Reps: 12,10,10,8
    Dumbbell curls: 4 sets: Reps: 12,10,10,8

    Saturday: Cardio 25mins

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    Good luck with it bro, train hard!

    Here's my comments:

    You will be affecting triceps on 3 consecutive days - wed / thu / fri. This will most likely be counterproductive with regards to triceps growth.

    Leg day - try changing the order around. Leave quads till after hams and calves so that you aren't completely knackered when you come to train them (if you are squating right you shouldn't really have any energy left afterwards, lol).

    I recommend you do hamstrings, then calves and then quads. Also try doing the leg extensions first in your quad workout - this will pre-exhaust them before your compound movements and so these compound movements will hit your quads better and be more productive.

    I'm not really too keen on your chest & back workout and your arm workout (I'm not a fan of alternating between parts) but it'll be interesting to see how it goes hey?! Also, what is your reasoning for doing the upright rows after shrugs?



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    Thankyou for the imput kaz.
    Do you have any suggestions on what body parts to group together? On what days etc..?
    Any imput would be appriecated


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