Start 5'8 195lbs

Ok lose my bad fat, and gain muscle, I have been on the diet for 4 days and only 2 1hour workouts

Stretches 5min
10min on tredmill

2min between each set

Bench presses 3 sets 6- 8 reps 135lbs x10 (warmup) 110lbs, 85lbs, 80lbs
Incline bench presses 2 sets 6- 8 reps 110lbs x10 (warmup) 100lbs, 85lbs.
Dips with added weights 2 sets 8-10 reps
Barbell curls 3 sets 6-10 reps 100lbs x10 (warmup) 85lbs, 70lbs, 75lbs
Dumbbell curls 2 sets 6-10 reps 25lbs x10 (warmup) 20lbs, 15lbs

10min on tredmill

Second day was Squats leg press and leg curls. total of 5min stretch and 30min tredmill.

I am only taking hydroxycut, centrium and asprin atm, Lots of poweraid during workouts. I will be also taking a protein shake with my diet.

breakfast 6 eggs 4 eggwhites 2 whole one celery apple juice

meal 2 can of tuna 1 cup low fat cottage cheese 2 tsp salsa bottled water

meal 3 6oz deli turkey one cup apple juice

meal 4 can of tuna 1 cup low fat cottage cheese 2 tsp salsa poweraid

Pre workout meal
meal 5 60z deli turkey and a shake with 4 egg whites 1 whole egg 2 bannana 1.5 cup milk (shake) Poweraid

Workout - Poweraid

Meal 6 can of tuna 3tbsp low fat mayo 2 tsp salsa banana

I will be working in my protein shake on wednsday when it gets here.

So far lost 8 lbs, I am very shaky after workout and next day very sore but its worth it.

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated