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Thread: my new routine

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    my new routine

    (do not know most of the names)
    Mon chest& tri
    chest:incline dumbells,flat dumbells, decline dumbells, cables all 3sets 10 reps max weight that i can make all ten reps
    tri:skull crushers, straight bar push downs, sinlge hand cable extensions

    Tues back&bi
    back: wide grip lat pull downs, hammerstrengh back pull downs,pull up machine,wide grip free weight rows
    bis: seated incline curls, preacher machine, supermans, standing curls

    wed shoulders
    front raises, side raises,close grip stright bar (pull up to your chin), shrugs,

    Thur chest & tris
    chest: incline,flat,decline, flies
    tris. close grip strightbar bench, dumbell kickback(extensions), V-rope

    fri back&bi's
    back: bent over dumbell rows, row machine,dumbell over the head, another back machine
    bi:hammer curls,preachers,straight bar curls,

    sat: shoulders
    shoulder press on smith machine, dumbell press over head, reverse flies, shrugs

    need opinions.. am I a moron?... small changes? also 700mgs testwk,400mg Eq wk, winny EOD 100mg
    Thank you

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    Hmm so your doing chest, back, triceps, biceps and shoulder twice a week with no rest in between and no legs!?!?!? I dont know how long youve been working out but if you know how to push your body to max you´d hafto wait atleast 5+ days before you hit a muscle group again.

    And id start doing the legs bro...nothing looks more sad (imo) then a big torso and toothpick legs.

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    I was working out similar a while ago (6 days a week, everything twice a week) but I stopped because I always felt joint pain. This my work-out now and it helps a lot. Definately put legs in though
    Monday: Back - Wide grip chin ups, Wide lat pull-downs, close grip pulldowns, upright seated close grip rows, upright seated widegrip rows - Everything 3 sets

    Tuesday: Chest - Flat Bench bar, Flat bench dumbells, incline cable flys, standing cable flys - 3 sets of everything except flat bench. I usually do about 5 sets

    Wednesday - OFF DAY

    Thurs: Bi's - Standing barbell curls, seated dumbell curls, reverse barbell curls, cable curls - 3 sets of everything. Then I do two sets of negatives at the end

    Fri: Legs - Squats, dumbells lunges, leg extensions, leg curls, seated calf raises - 3 sets of everything

    Sat: Shoulders and tri's - Shoulders - laterall raises, front raises, machine military press, reverse cables cross-overs, Tri's - single arm cable pushdowns, single arm revers cable pushdown, Straight bar cable pushdowns - 3 sets of everything
    The reason for shoulder sand tri's together is because tri's don't take me long and I have a shoulder injury so I'm limited there to.

    I do everything to failure, usually about 10 reps

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