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Thread: Split Change up

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    Split Change up

    Hey guys im due for a new workout split so just seeing what you guys think.
    Old Split
    MON Back/Traps
    TUES Chest/Abs
    THURS Legs
    FRI Arms
    SAT Shoulders

    Now i got abit lazy with my shoulders and i realy need to bring them up so im going to focus on them alot more.

    New Split
    MON Shoulders/Calfs
    TUES Back/Traps
    WENS Rest
    THUR Chest/Abs
    FRI Legs
    SAT Arms

    What do you guys think?

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    i would swithc tue and friday. Puts legs in between upper body work days that way and your traps and/or back might be a little fatigued from shoulders the day before

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