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    What was your Most productive workout while on gear?

    Hey all, I've just been wondering what everyone feel's there most productive workout's have been while on test. By productive i mean best for bulking.

    The thing's i would like to know is what sort of split or full body? how many day's a week? how long each session last? and how much volume per session?

    So throw up what routine you feel was the most beneficial for bulking for you, and if you want, what gear you were running at the time.

    Look forward too hearing from some of the VET's

    Cheers, Coast.

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    I'd like to see this as well.

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    compounds, such as squats deads and bench always make me feel like an animal.
    but personally you cant beat a good leg workout, treat them like your bies and tries.

    5 minutes cardio.

    deep squats, 200lbx 10, 250lbx 8, 300lb 6-8. try not to fully extend your legs at the end and keep your squats constant.

    leg press.
    300lbx12, 350lbx10, 400lbx6-8 and remember to keep them constant and drop them deep

    leg extensions.
    3 sets go heavy, bomb those babies.

    and last hamstring curls
    go for 3 sets, last set till failure push as heavy as you can, try not to full extend at the bottom and keep those hams flexed.

    this workout for me absolutely bombed my legs and they were sore for days.
    i train calves on a seperate day simply because i dont like spending alot of time in the gym. this workout should take no longer than 45 minutes to an hour with a partner.
    also i swap up the hamstring curls with some stiff legged deads for a change.
    they usually target my hams like mad.
    i was running test e and deca .
    i hope this helps.

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    Go to the following link Now check out the 4 day Slingshot Training split where each muscle is trained only once a week as a baseline. This is my first go to routine when training someone on super supplements.

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