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    changing from a 2 day to 3 day split?

    I have changed from doing a 2 day a week workout to trying to get a more focused 3 day a week one that is below:

    Monday - Shoudlers and Legs

    Military Press - 3 x 8
    Shrugs - 3 x 8
    Bent Over Lateral Raises (Rear Delts) - 3 x 8 (on cable machine)
    Side Raises - 3 x 8 (on cable machine)
    Upright Rows - 3 x 8
    Squatts 4 x 6

    Tuesday - Back and Biceps

    Bent Over Rows - 3 x 8
    Seated Rows - 3 x 8
    Wide Grip Pull Ups - 3 x 8
    Chins - - 3 x 8
    Deadlifts 4 x 6
    Bicep Curls - 3 x 8

    Thursday - Chest and Tri's

    Flat DB Bench - 3 x 8
    Incline BB Bench - 3 x 8
    Cable Cross Overs - 3 x 8
    Dips - 3 x 8
    Close Grip Bench - 3 x 8
    Think i need more chest stuff here?

    I'm not sure if there are enough execises in there etc... and my knowlege of extra exercises is limited so any advice would be great - i want to keep all the compund lifts in there ideally and i am open to help from there.


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    Can you train more than 3 days a week?

    What are your stats?

    Your leg routine is almost non-existant, just squats won't cut it.

    Although you do work your bi's during back and tri's during chest you do not really do any isolation exercises for them, I'm not sure how your arm's react.

    If what you listed is the actual order of the exercises you do than you should structure them differently.

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    unfortunatly due to rugby training/matches and work commitments i can only get there 3 times a week - i have had a lengthy discussion with my boss to get an hour and a half lunch on a monday now to get to the gym 3 times instead of two - but unfortunately that is the max.

    What way would you structure the exercises? are there any ones i should add in? i'm quite open to re-arranging it i just want to keep the compound stuff!?

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