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    Is this training good?

    Is this training regim good?
    My workout looks something like this...

    Day 1
    Chest, tris, abs

    Day 2
    Legs, Calves

    Day 3

    Day 4
    Back, Bis, abs

    Day 5
    Delts, Traps

    Day 6



    Bench-7 sets
    Dumbell press- 3 sets
    flys - 3-4 sets
    dips (leaning forward)-2 sets

    Skull crushers- 4 sets
    pushdowns - 3 sets
    kickbacks- 3 sets


    Squats - 4 sets
    Front squats - 3 sets
    Extensions- 3 sets
    super set with
    leg curls - 3 sets

    Standing superset with lying- 3 sets


    Seated rows-4 sets
    behind the neck pulldowns- 4 sets
    Strait arm pushdown-3 sets
    superset with
    one arm rows- 3 sets

    Alt curls- 4 sets
    lying incline curls- 3 sets
    Concentration curls-2-3 sets

    Various forearms

    Over head dumbell press-4 sets
    Side raise- 3 sets
    front raise- 3 sets

    Shoulder shrugs- 4-5 sets heavy

    Sorry sloppy, just need to know if its good or not... what needs changed and why am I not gaining...

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    Since you're doing a 4-day split, why don't you try the following...

    Monday - Back and rear delts
    Tuesday - Shoulders (and traps) and triceps
    Wednesday - Rest (cardio)
    Thursday - Legs
    Friday - Chest and biceps (and forearms)
    Saturday - Rest (cardio)
    Sunday - Rest

    You've got 7 sets of bench, which is unnecessary and overkill. Stick with 3 sets for each exercise, and aim for 4-10 reps.

    For chest: flat, incline, flyes, and dips or decline.
    For triceps: close-grip bench or weighted dips, skullcrushers, cable pushdowns (I only do 2 exercises for tris)
    For legs: squats, leg press, extensions, leg curls, standing and seated calf raise.
    For back: DEADLIFT, bent-over barbell rows, wide-grip chins, close-grip pulldowns
    For biceps: Barbell curls, alt. dumbbell curls, hammer curls (I only do 2)
    For shoulders: Reverse flyes, Military press/dumbbell press, lateral raises

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    I like that workout... looks good... But would it hurt to not have 2 rest days in a row? I like going 2 on 1 off... I dont mind what days my workouts fall on so Is that overtraining?

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    This looks good to me!

    On the day 4 you might take a day off to give your legs more rest, if they are still in a bit pain, it will affect any deadlift, d-bell rows or bent over rows, which are in my opinion a must do exercises for your back.

    The delts/trap day might really be affected since you did your back day before. I would suggest doing traps on the same day as your back.

    Also, two days off after delts/traps day.

    If you plan on changing your routine, then Hamish's example of routine should definitely give you a nice start. Then modify as needed.

    Good luck.

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