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Thread: best cardio?

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    best cardio?

    So in your opinion, what's the best cardio exercise along with a healthy diet. Swimming, running, or just lifting weights with high reps? I need to trim up a little to make a weight classification. Thanx guys.

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    For fat loss... anything that you can keep you at your target heart rate. I don't know your age but around 150 beats per minute is a safe bet. Basically, where you can excercise and still talk comfortably.

    Higher than that and you risj your body turning your muscle into glycogen... too low and you don't get a good benefit.

    Either way you need to burn off some xisting stores before your body turns to bodyfat for fuel. Which can last about 15 minutes. If you do your cardio first thing in the morning... you wave that frst 15 minutes because your insulin levels are so low - your body goes straight into burning fat. But again, you should use your target heart rate.

    It would be good to practice good breating techniques and use higher reps during deffinition training. Helps to mobilize fat deposits around your muscles. As well as preserve muscle. Breath out on the positive and in on the negative.

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    cardio on a empty stomach right in the morning or after a weight training session. i read somewhere that swimming is a great cardio workout. but i think as long as you doin cardio on an empty stomach or after a training session it shouldnt matter what kind of cardio workout you choose

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    boxing, swimming, and running. cant beat those

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    the one that compliments your sport the most. What sport are you trying to make the weight class in?

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    swimming I think is by far the best...

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