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    Advice on my routine

    175 lbs., 10%bf, and looking to add mass for next football season
    All sets 4 sets 5-8 reps. Along with abs every other day
    S-1 (1st superset) S-2 (2nd superset)

    Day 1

    Flat bench
    S-1 (Cable Flys)

    Incline Bench

    S-1 (Pullovers)

    Day 2
    Bi's, Tri's, & Forearms-
    Preacher Curls
    Hammer Curls
    Wide Grip BB curls

    Skull Crushers
    Kick Backs
    Pull Downs

    Wrist Curls

    Day 3
    S-1 (Extensions)

    Leg Press

    S-1 (Calf raises)

    Day 4 Rest

    Day 5
    Seated Rows
    S-1 (Chins)
    S-2 (Lat Pulldown) Need some help in this catagory.....


    Day 6
    Shoulders & Traps-
    Shoulder Press

    Lateral Raise
    S-1 (Frontal Raise)

    Reverse Flys


    Day 7 Rest

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    if you are trying to put on mass for football why are you doing so many super sets,espically for compound movements like bench and squats.
    bench,squats and deads already work many muscles so do not do a super set with those

    day 1 chest--6 sets flat,2-3 incline,2-3 decline then super set dips with pullovers ---dont do cable flys if trying to gain size

    day 2 looks ok except i think you mean push downs not pull downs--for mass try floor presses. done like a bench press but lying flat on ground,take bar down till elbows touch floor then press up

    day 3 -- do squats 1 week then leg presses the next .the third week do not super set anything with them.after main exercise super set extensions with curls

    day 5 do deads first.then do pull downs and seated cable or better yet bent over row. if doing pull downs dont do chins-- its the same thing
    i do shrugs with back i do a few sets straight up and down then a couple of sets rolling them backwards and squeezing shoulder blades together

    day 6 looks good except traps with back

    i didnt put my size on till i dropped to training 3 days per week. sometimes i do 4 but not often---
    lift heavy,intense,to positive failure---then go eat and rest to grow

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    Check out !

    System designed for football by position and everything. Football team at my school uses it a lot of the guys have had good gains in both strength, mass, and speed. It's worth your read.

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