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    Can Split legs training into 3 or 4 days ?

    I've never workout my legs before, But now i'm starting to train them since they are very important muscles.

    my question is can i train each leg muscle in a seperate day ?

    for example:

    Train quad in sunday and hamstring monday

    calfs wed, qluts thur

    or they are all related so i'll keep them together ?

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    do a solid leg w/o once a week. that's all you need.

    imo one compound movement like squat or deadlift accompanied by 3 or so other auxillary movements is a sufficient leg day. these auxillary movements could be quad ext., ham curls, lunges, leg press, ect. make sure workload is relatively even for both hammies and quads.

    calves can be done on non-leg days...if you complete a good leg w/o the last thing you're going to want to do is calves.

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