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    Exclamation My new workout yay


    Day 1- Cycle 10-15 mins
    Legs : Lunges and Leg curls

    Chest : Bench Press and Pullovers / flies

    Triceps: Rope Pull Downs and Triceps Kick Backs/ Single Arm Triceps

    Day 2 - Abs : Cable Crunches and Leg Raises

    Shoulders : Side/Front Raises

    Back : Wide Grip/ Narrow

    Biceps : D/B Curls and M/C Preacher Curls

    Day 3 - Cylce 10-15 mins

    Legs : Leg Press and Calves Seated

    Chest : Bench Press and Pullovers/ Flies

    Triceps : Rope Push Downs and Triceps Back Kicks /Single Arm Triceps

    Day 4 Abs : Twist away sides

    Shoulders :Side/ Front Raises

    Back Wide Grip / Narrow

    Biceps: D/B Curls and M/C Preacher Curls

    4 Sets 12-15
    tell me what you think.............height 5.10...33% body fat (last time i checked). 20 years old

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    i do have breaks like a wednesday i do not go to gym and if i do i do cardio

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    i like the workouts, but it looks as if you need some more cardio in their. 10-15 minutes cycling is good for a warmup, but not enough to get to where you want to be. how about doing some low intensity walking on an incline for 30-45 minutes in the AM/PM, or hitting the stairmaster? or maybe try some HIIT cardio on the treadmill. i would consult slimmer or kawi, they may have some woman specific workouts that may better suit your needs. good to see that you have a plan in hand, and consistency is the key! good luck!

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