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Thread: My new wraps

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    My new wraps

    I ordered a pair of the Schiek lifting straps (the ones that Velcro around your wrist)....

    They came on saturday and they look and feel Mint, the quality is really good....

    I am dead excited to use them and will be doing so tonight for SLDL's....

    I will let you guys and girls know how I get on but I think I will be recommending them to others from now on...

    And BTW if your looking to get a pair make sure they are the ones with a long wrap as they do some with a 6 inch wrap which IMO is kind of short...

    They also do some with a dowel in which I almost went for... Pic below of mine

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    i got the same, feel good

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    What do you think of the Grizzly Hooks? Thats what I use!, I want to try these but cant get them in Kuwait.

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    First ever pair I had were leather straps they start to gather up around the wrists over time and they hurt like a mofo when you start pulling heavy weights

    I had a pair of the grizzly hooks, there 100% rubbish and they don't work like you think they will, looks awesome in theory right? but the hooks will find a way to unhook from the bar mid set. Worst buy ever.

    I'm currently using these GASP ones (100% cotton canvas)

    The knurling on the bar's are starting to tear them up though

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    sweet! Let us know how they treat you OP!

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