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    Question need to know

    ok guy's, what is the best way to bench wide grip or close grip? also where can i go and visualy see the proper way to do waight lifting techniques??? sorry for the spelling.

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    rico40 to bench with wide grip or or close grip is up to you however I feel that by benching with your grip a little bit closer is better for size becouse it gives you a better range of motion .The most important part is that you make sure to have your elbows out this will place more stress on your chest.

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    what is your idea of close grip?

    widegrip can activate ancilliary muscles, medium grip which i think is what you mean by close grip will make you feel more comfortable will be able to use potentially more weight this way, but the # on the bar is insignificant if formis poor and target muscles can't be stimulated.close grip is going to be all tricep and front delt secondary work.

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    it depends on what your training for. for powerlifting wide grip, for bodybuilding a moderate grip a little wider than shoulder width, for a sports function(football, martial arts, etc) i would recomend a close grip(shoulder width or maybe a hair closer) because it has more real world use. but this is strictly my opinion.

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