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    Question I need a workout routine

    Hey guys,
    I'm 5'10, 170 pounds; looking to put on 8-10 pounds of muscle by the end of august. I need a workout routine which will allow me to put on the maximum amount of muscle possible. If possible i would like to have a weekly schedule, with recomedations on the amount of sets and reps i should do. i have no limitations on when i can workout. any advice will help.
    -Also, if you have advice on food i should eat, <a href="" target="_blank">protein</a> i should take, or other supplements i could use; it would be very useful. Thanx a lot.
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    what's shakin flex,

    try out
    W: off
    Sa: off
    Su: off

    i think this would be the best way for you to pack on muscle, gives you plenty of time to recover, leaves the weekend open and you can keep your energy level high enough throughout your workout routine because you're not doing too much on one specific day

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