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Thread: Unreal Pump...

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    Unreal Pump...

    It's been about a week since I have done legs. Just got done doing legs today. Not sure what I am feeling. It's like a serious pump but kind of painful in the quads. I'm thinking of mass amount of lactic acid build up. It's just kind of weird cause they haven't really done this before. The only thing I did different was a drop set on squats where I went really low, almost butt to heals to pretty much failure.

    Was wondering if this has happened to anyone before?

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    If you don't usually go down all the way then that will do it. it will make u really sore. Be careful about going ass to ankles though man, it's not necessary and extremely bad on your knees. Never bring your quads below your knees. More reps would be a factor too I'm guessing. It's great your willing to go down all the way though, I see so many who don't and it's really a shame

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    Yeah i saw a dude today that was going down about 6 inches.yikes

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