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    Talking A Milestone Day!!!

    Today is a milestone day!! I just returned from my first exercise in over 4 years. I decided to run as far as I could this morning! I've quit smoking and have decided to dedicate myself to looking and feeling superior!! I'm 6'5" 230 lbs with approx. 24% BF...I've completely overhauled my diet and am loving it!! I'm taking 2000mg Salmon Oil for my EFA and a daily vitamin...I will post some pics here soon! I can safely say that coming to this site everyday and reading all of your posts, as supportive as they are has deeply affected me!! All of my BF is around my waist and I feel that I can get rid of it by summers end...followed by a full winter of getting summer is my target to look sick!!! I will keep a weekly journal and have weekly pics so everyone can see my progress! If anyone can suggest some supplements for a beginner, please do would be greatly appreciated!!

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    Gald to here your accomplishments bro!!! CONGRATS!! The only thing I would recommend is a fat burner and doing cardio in the AM on a empty stomach. Watch your carbs and no carbs in the PM not unless it is for your post workout meals which should contain dextrose or a complex carb for your soild meal. other than that your already doing the first best thing and revamping your diet!!

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