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    Does anyone train full body

    Does anyone train full body like they did back in the days I'm not sure for TRT if it changes the way you should train compared to a natural lifter but researchers shows full body superior for naturals

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    Do you mean like working every muscle all in one workout? Or doing exercises like burpees, powercleans, plyometrics, or CrossFit type workouts?

    Personally I’ve noticed better muscle gains from isolating my workouts and doing specific areas each day.

    Ultimately I believe it depends on your goals but a full body workout, in my opinion, will help more with burning fat and becoming more defined. I believe that the TRT will help to spare you from any catabolic effects if you happen to have prolonged workouts (let’s say 1.5-2hours) but that’s all speculation. If you’re trying something like that I would see what studies have shown, and see if the results align with your goals.

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    Great for beginners, advanced I wouldn’t recommend.

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