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Thread: TUT experiment with strange results

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    TUT experiment with strange results

    So after yesterday's post about low reps and all, I went to the gym and decided to actually time my sets. According to IFBB pro Greg Doucette, he advises that a TUT of 40 seconds is a good set.

    I've never actually timed my sets so today I decided to change up from HIT and go lighter and try it. I started with lat pull downs.

    My first set was a warm up set and I got about 15 reps; mostly going extremely slow on the eccentric. I started with 100lbs, nothing crazy. I failed at 15; like totally lactic acid failed.

    Here's where it gets weird. My second set I added about 30lbs and did another 12 reps.

    Went to 160- 10 reps

    Went to 190- 6 reps to failure; which then dropped-setted back to 130 for another 6 to failure

    What makes no sense is that my body will fail no matter what the weight is. I could have easily done 15 reps with 160 from the start.

    Then I went to bent over barbell rows. Did 45 on each side for 15. Then added 25s on each side, did 12. Makes no sense at all.

    The rest of my workout had the same results; I failed at lighter weights which seemed like a total waste

    This experiment tells me what Poloquin's article from yesterday basically says, that a dopamine dominant athelte is more of a power type; I don't need much TUT to get the same stimulus as most people, I need to KILL it with weight instead.

    Do you guys come to the same conclusion judging by this information?
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    I can't comment on your experience as I train quite differently, but I am a big proponent of time under tension. I first heard it discussed ad nauseum by Athlean X, then in blood n guts, then Gregg Doucette.

    What I have noticed is when I became more mindful of TUT I was a lot more deliberate with the weights. Big contraction and squeeze, forced to have better form, isolated smaller muscle groups better, etc.
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    What learned from Doucette is taking longer rest between sets which helped me make my HIT training even better.

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