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Thread: Training first thing in morning need advice

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    Training first thing in morning need advice

    In order for me to work out more consistently im going to try it first thing in morning.

    For you guys that do it whats your schedule and food look like?

    Here is what im thinking

    5am wake up

    5:10 scoop protein, 3/4 cup oatmeal, 2 table spoon oatmeal, 1 cut milk

    5:30 workout for about an hour

    8am meal 2

    Not sure about my shake and timing of food

    Looking for some suggestions

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    Training first thing in morning need advice

    For the past few years, mine has been pretty much the same thing, just with intakes increasing as my size goes up.

    Wake up, bolus of a liter of water and 1.5g salt and 1.5g potassium salt immediately.

    30-45 minutes later, eat 300g greek yogurt with varying amounts of whey mixed in, 300-500g of berries depending upon the type, 250-300g of orange, a DKB bagel.

    1.5 hours later, bolus 0.5 liter or water with preworkout ingredients mixed in (300-400mg caffeine, 25mg ephedrine, whatever other things I feel like).

    30 minutes later, start training.

    Finish training, shower, shove in food that was going in the rice cooker while I trained (165g liver or salmon, 50-75g white rice, 200-300g white or sweet potato).

    Carry my ass to work.

    Also yes, these two meals combined are nearly 1800 kcals at my current weight (205).

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    I love training in the morning.

    Up at 5:00, spend an hour with Mrs. Charlie sipping coffee on the deck and making sure she knows she's more important than the gym... Then bail on her ass to get important shit done.

    5-6AM - Two big cups of coffee, then a large banana and a protein shake (about 30-50g) with creatine, NAC, and Beta Alanine in it.

    Train for about 1:15mins, around 6-7:30

    Shower by 7:30, and drink about 40-60 ounces of water.

    Work at 8

    Eat first meal about 8:30-9 depending on work.

    then again at

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    Unless I’m doing a fasted workout for fat loss, I need my carbs digested or my workout feels flat.

    I like a plain bagel or white rice. Also try to do some egg whites. For me personally, I find that it takes 1 -1 1/2 hours to take advantage of the carbs. I also drink a couple of large glasses of water and a couple of cups of coffee.

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    Yeah I agree about the carbs. Carbs should be your first meal before the workout. The protein doesn't even matter at this point. Shit, even some candy is ok. Fats & protein are only going to get in the way of carbs if you eat 30 min before your workout. If you have at least 1 hour before you work out, then you can have a small breakfast meal.

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    im in gym at 6am daily. I train fasted everytime.

    I have 2 cups coffee then my pre-workout and my herbal medicine.

    I have not eaten before training for over a year.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mooseman33 View Post
    im in gym at 6am daily. I train fasted everytime.

    I have 2 cups coffee then my pre-workout and my herbal medicine.

    I have not eaten before training for over a year.
    Your a better man than me. I have to have a little food in my stomach to train. Usually a small amount of Oatmeal and whey isolate.
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