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    Upper-body question

    Heya, i'm only 17 years old and i'm trying to increase the size of my chest. I've got a great squat (460x2 parallel) and great legs, but my chest and arms just do not do it. What would be the best chest and arms workout for someone starting off like me? (i read all these other workouts, but it seems to me that they are for someone that already has a good foundation.) any help would be greatly appreciated!

    Thanks, Nic

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    Bro ! Flat bench is the meat and potato's of any chest development!

    Remember basic compound movements require the most amount of muscles used at one time. that's why they are the mass builders.

    Be careful not to over train? It's so easy to want to do every possible exercise for chest and train for hours. But IMO I would
    limit the chest training to :
    4 sets of flat bench
    4 sets of incline bench
    3 sets of flys alternating, flat 1 week
    incline the next week!

    Remember, you tear your body down in the gym, you build it back up at rest! Don't forget to EAT EAT EAT, but you already knew that.

    I developed a 49" chest naturally, and benched 300lbs at a body
    weight of 205lbs by the age of 23

    good luck and hope this helps

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    Go back to basics and build a good foundation..
    Benchpress 3 sets of 12-8
    Squats . .
    Deadlifts . .
    Do them 3 times a week and try to increase the weight every time.

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    You should bench of course but the basic idea behind growth is:

    1. Sufficiently stress the cells
    2. Properly feed the cells (and at the correct time post workout)
    3. Rest so the cells can rebuild larger and stronger.

    Very your workouts and hit the pecs etc from all angles. Never overlook the basics like bench, squat, presses, barbell curls, lying tricep know what I mean. At 17 you are a growing machine. Work, eat and sleep...YOU WILL GROW!

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