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Thread: Injured Deltoid

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    Cool Injured Deltoid

    Yesterday I was doing incline db presses. It was a warmup set with 55lb db's. On the 8 or 9th rep I heard my shoulder pop. Not real loud. Then my deltoid started to get sore. I finished my chest workout with cables. I see no swelling, just some pain. Any suggestions on what I should do. When I raise my arm up( like doing a front raise ) I feel the pain halfway up. We have snow on the ground here and I can't get to the Doc. Thanks!

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    I anin't no doctor

    Remeber I am not a doctor but the first thing I would do is stay away from anything that works the shoulder and it does not have to be gym related. Ice your shoulder to take down any swelling that may have occured. A shoulder injury is something that must be taken seriously and should be diagnosed as soon as possible. I went to my family and he was shit. I went to a chiropractor and began using Active Release, a method of breaking down scar tissue and increasing mobility to the muscle. I had a similar injury doing military press with 245lbs. My mistake is that I didn't get it looked at right away.

    Good luck and don't let your ego take control of your actions.

    Capital X

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