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    Volume vs Intensity vs Training Time

    HI All,

    I am having a problem getting that really pumped, well worked out, exhausted (in a good way) feeling after workouts. I can only attain this now after legs. My routine is training 4x a week (cardio done 3x a week). I try workout fairly intensely to get that pumped feeling, by having maximum 60 seonds between sets. This also means I do fairly higher volume (compared to many routines I have seen posted here). All in all though, workouts last around 40-50 minutes. If I cut down the volume I would workout for 20 minutres! (which would feel 'right' if you know what I mean). For example, Back and Calves:

    BB Row x 3 (+ 1 warmup)
    DB Row x 3
    Low Cable Row x 2
    Lat Pulldown x 4
    Deadlift x 3

    Normally I do 6-10 reps, just till failure (but not past it), with good form. Is the 60 second rest too little? Should I increase rest and decrease volume? I am really not sure what to do so any advice is appreciated. Just to add: I even find it tough to really get out of breath, and don't sweat easily - could a slow metabolism add to all this? If you need any more info please just let me know and I 'll post it ASAP.


    BTW: 4-day split is: Chest and Abs, Back and Calves, Bis, Tris and Abs, Legs (no shoulders due to impingement sydrome - doing rehab at home and hope to start direct shoulder exercises in 2 months or so).

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    I get a good pump on back day when I do deads
    first,go really heavy for sets of 3x10,rest as long
    as you need to complete the sets then try to
    super set the rest of your workout with 30sec
    rest intervals.
    I do that with all workouts when BB straight sets
    for primary lift then super sets.
    dont do it if your doing a powerlifting workout though
    then rest all you need to recover from each set.

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