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    Novice seeks Routine Overhaul

    Hey all, I have been training for about 1 year and a half now and have made some solid gains, but also lost a lot due to going to college and not eating the same. I have decided I want to take this more seriously and need a complete change of my routine.

    Hopefully you all can offer some great suggestions and routines, and not kill/mock my current routine too much. Im looking to improve how I work out and my body just like you guys, I just need to start somewhere. Im pretty set on my diet and will tweak that a bit later, but right now my main concern is workout.

    Im 18, 5'10
    170 lbs about 17% body fat, right now Im looking to bulk and my current routine looks like this

    Squats, 3x8
    Leg Extensions, 3x8
    Ham Curls, 3x8
    Calve Raises

    Flat Bench, 3x8
    Dumbbell Shoulder Press, 3x8
    Flies, 3x8
    Lateral Raises, 3x8
    Bent Over Tricep Extension, 3x8
    Tricep Pushdown, 3x8

    Cardio 45 minutes

    Pullups, 25
    Front Pulldowns, 3x8
    Deadlifts, 3x8
    Barbell Curls, 3x8
    Machine Preacher Curls, 3x8
    Upright Rows, 3x8


    Cardio, 45 Minutes
    Kneeling Crunches, 4x12
    Leg Raises, as many as I can


    So if anybody could point me in the right direction, Id be very thankful, and sorry if I left something out.

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    While you have an Open mind, run away from the typical western periodization split as far as possible. Start going through the Workout forum, there have been a few training theories posted and read up in the PLing forum.

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