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    Time for a cutting routine...Oh boy..

    This is my first year of serious training, in about a month or so it will be spring, and I have absolutely NO IDEA of what a good workout would be for getting cut..I just know the basics. I know I need to stay in a rep range of 10-12, plenty sets. I have a good diet ready, and I know I need alot of cardio. What I mainly need help with are the following:

    1. What kind of cardio routine should I do, and how many days a week should I do it?

    2. Any kind of supplements anyone would recommend for the cutting phase??

    3. Should I stick with my same routine, just throw in more reps ? (10-12 range)

    Help me out guys!! Thanks alot!

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    geez i hate cutting....I mean I really hate cutting.

    I have always gone with the lift light to get tight...and it has always worked for me. I also run or do an aerobic routine one a week. it usually helps. I recommend sweatin to the oldies...

    but to give you a straight answer....your diet is going to need to be tight, as well as your routine. Lots of iso's and lots of reps. That will help with the definition. But it would be hard to see a 6 pack with a layer of fat over that is what i mean by getting your diet in check.

    I hope this helped a little
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    I'd agree that diet is going to be key. That's the biggest change I make when switching to a cutting phase. Personally, i don't switch up my routine all that much, except to maybe increase rep range from 6-8 to 8-12. Also, make sure to hit some isolation exercises (i don't always do cable crossovers for chest...but I always use them when cutting).

    As far as cardio, some will say 45min to an hour, first thing in the morning before breakfast. This may be a very effective way to do it, but I, personally, can't do it. I try to add in 30-45 minutes immediately after training. 4-5 days per week.

    For supplements, a good old ECA stack is always a good start, if you can find it. Used correctly, this can really give your training and fat-loss efforts a boost.

    Hope that's a good start...keep coming back while you plan this to help tweak everything...

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