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    New member, left arm and leg are smaller then right

    In the pic in my avatar you can kind of notice that my left arm is smaller then my right, thats because I broke it about 2 years ago. It didnt heal right and it was re-broken and I spent about 3 months in a full arm cast and 3 more in a below the elbow cast. And about 5 months ago I broke my lower leg in 5 places dirtbiking. Had four screws drilled up and down my tibula, removed about 2 months ago. I look about the same now as I do in the pic, but my left leg is way skinnier then the right. (Not that you can see them in the pic) How can I go about evening out my arm and left leg once it is good enough to lift heavy again. I feel lopsided...I've been training my arms since the injury for a long time and the difference is still there

    Also doing cardio on an eliptical 5+ days a week at 40mins a session now to burn some of the fat I gained from being inactive for a few months, think it's gunna be enough? I'm about 6' 1" 185lbs.

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    doing cardio 5 days a week with a good diet will shed that little bit of fat you gained in no time.
    as far as the one arm being bigger then the other...well just about everyone i know including myself has one arm that's bigger then the other. It should even out over time though.
    And don't go crazy right away with heavy lifts especially on your legs. Slow recoveries are usually the safest.
    Give it time

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