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    In the Gym, if i could

    I just voted, there were alot of people

    Just got back from voting..

    we went 20 minutes early 6:40.. they open at 7:00...

    there were 50 people already in line... and when it started there were another 150 lined up out the door..

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    So who'd you vote for

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    One of my co-workers sent me a picture from his polling place. The friggin line was around the block. Over 100 people he said...errrrrr Im going to leave work early this afternoon to vote. Im hoping the lines will have died done by then...


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    My place was packed too, this is going to be the highest turnout in years. I think the Republicans finally got off their asses , I don't think we are seeing more Dems we are seeing more Republicans out there. My 02.

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    do you think las vegas put out odds on this election? lol...

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