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    Please destroy my proposed cutting diet

    Im coming back after a 4 month layoff after having back surgery on April 1. Over that time I have lost about 20 pounds probably muscle I suppose and I am carrying too much fat. Im now about 205-210 about 12.5% BF 6ft. and I want to get rid of this. This is my first time cutting so rip away!

    Cardio 8am on empty stomach
    MEAL 1 ~9:30
    3 egg whites
    2 whole eggs
    1/2cup oatmeal
    1 piece of flax seed bread

    MEAL 2~12pm
    2 ch.breast or can of tuna
    1 cup of romaine lettuce with olive oil and balsamic vin.

    MEAL 3~2pm
    LEan Protein`30-40g
    1cup of Brocc or green beans

    MEAL 4~4:30pm
    50g whey
    1/2 cup strawberries/blueberries
    1tblsp honey

    MEAL 5~8pm
    Lean Protein ~40g
    1/2cup brown rice
    1/2cup brocc. w/olive oil and garlic

    MEAL 6~10:30
    25g whey
    1tblsp natty PB

    250protein, 150carb, 110 fat...~2000cals

    -->I think I should add one more meal in after meal 2 or 3 or whatever someone with mor experience thinks i need about 50 g more of protein i think and maybe 20-30g more carbs. What do u guys think?

    Also i usually may wake up at night and throw down a quick 25g of why with some water to prevent excess catabolism
    -Drinking plenty of water abour 1.5gallon a day
    -7hrs of sleep
    ***Times are subject to change b/c of addition of another meal

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    Check out the cutting sticky above for outline help. You need a plan for on/off days in the gym, inclusion of pwo carbs in two diff. forms, etc.


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    Oh my fault my PWO meal will be number 4 on off days I would follow the same routine except I would dropp the PWO meal and cut the carbs after about my fourth meal. On non workout days would it be better to up my carb intake in the morning

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