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    Since you guys really are EXPERTS, tell me if my diet is ok, PLEASE!

    I am pretty new here as you may have guessed. I am 6'1, 19, about 185 and have been seriously working out for around 7 months now. Ive been eating serious for about 2 and a half. Ive noticed great results naturally so far, but wondering if my diet is ok. Here it is pretty much:

    7 am 5 egg whites, 1 slice whole wheat with a lil p.b. half proteing bar, banana
    12 pm 3 peices grilled chicken, half protein bar
    2pm can of tuna on whole wheat with almost NO mayo, few baked chips, bowl of rice
    5 pm Dinner: usually fish, chicken, potatoes, or whatever my parents cook (still am at home, commute to college--SHOOT ME!)
    after gym: protein shake
    9pm grilled chicken, half protein bar

    I cheat and eat what i want one day a weak, and once in awhile throw a snack in here n there
    So what are your opinioons on this? I appreciate everything in advance. Thanks a lot, MATT

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    Not bad bro. If you're trying to bulk, you gotta eat at least one more meal and one more protien shake. Perhaps a shake before bed and a meal at around 9AM - 10AM. Keep up the good work.

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    I like it!

    Sounds good, hoever, try to keep your meals spaced no longer than 3 hours apart and no shorter than 2 hours apart- This might help ya throw in an extra meal. Drink lotsa fluids and have a daily mutli and a couple of g's of Vit C. Nut

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    Good diet plan. But, one thing, Protein Bars??? Dude, I know that they're suppossed to be good for you but they're not. Listen, there's some protein in them, that's for sure. The rest of the bar is crap. I've yet to see one good PB out there and believe me, I've tried them all. Yes, I used to eat like 4 of those "fast food" items all day. To me, they are like fast food. Probably okay for some extra fat-- if that's what you want.

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    I'm pretty new on this board but not to this game. I know more about nutrition than most anybody else you will find. What are your goals? Natural or not, you need about 1.5 grams of protein per lb of lean body mass. You need complex carbs to grow. You aren't getting enough.

    Try Parillo Performance Protein Bars, they are the cleanest out there by far. The only drawback is they only have 20 grams per bar.

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    Good food plan, try having a meal at LEAST every 2-3 hours. i noticed that if i ate every 2 - 2.5 hours i felt a better. try uping your protein that can Never hurt. other than that it sounds good to me.
    P.s. like the other person wrote i try to stay away from protein bars all i eat is a good whey protein 3 times a day.

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    As somebody already said, get your protein intake up and 2- 3hours tops between meals. And if this is a diet then watch the carbo. And that grilled chicken your eating, I hope your not eating the skin, that's pure fat. Check out my diet, it's there somewhere in the diet question forum.
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    Your Diet

    Your diet looks ok. One good advantage right now going for you is your age. Your metabolism is high enough right now that you should not have to woory to much about gaining excess body fat. The guy's have given you some sound advice. If you are interestested, you can take a look at my post on how to determine your caloric intake that is listed in the educational threads. Overall though you look like you are off to a good start.

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    Try to keep between 40-50 grams of protein per meal because your body can't absorb any more then that every two hours.

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