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    Low Free Testosterone

    My buddy was tested way back in November for test levels etc. and they came back with a normal testosterone level, but low/borderline free testosterone level. I'll give you a little bio of him:

    -25 years old
    -5-6% body fat (this guy is very lean year round)
    -100% natural (last AAS cycle was like 5 years ago)
    -he actually just won a natural bench competition for body weight for reps completing 34 at his weight
    -he pushes 225lbs for around 15 reps
    -he's a very fast runner (we play football) and has a huge vertical of like 40-42"

    He thinks that his Free test levels might have been low that day causing test to measure low.

    My question for him to you guys since I'm not familiar with Free test is, would someone with low free test be this athletic/strong/fast/etc.? Or is it possible that day he just happened, for whatever reason, measured low, but he actually is not?

    What do you guys think?
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    I also do not know, but have some interesting info. My buddy and I went to an HRT doc to get scrips for test and HGH. We both said that we used AAS previously, but more than one year in the past. When he checked our blood levels my friends free test levels were quite high although his regular test levels were low. Although he still prescribed us both test, he questioned whether my friend had actually done AAS more than one year prior. Because of his high free test levels he thought my friend had done ASS more recently.
    Therefore, although I do not know, I would imagine that the free test has something to do with the measurement of injected testosterone or at least can be a factor in some way that made him say this.
    Anyway, I just thought it was interesting and wanted to add it to the other information you will get. Good luck.

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    lucky guys my doc wont even concider prescribing me test etc.... is there anything i can take to lower my testo go for a lab test then get prescribed some test?

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    u could take birth controll pilz lol ( which would be the more legal route) or could run a cycle and not do PCT

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    lol interesting take some birth control pills then go for the blood work

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