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    HELL - I got the last col

    Exclamation IMPORTANT: Virus/Worm Solution

    Recently there is a lovely lil' worm going out called W32.Blast

    This worm is basically designed to fuck microsoft. I'm sure it's been asked about on the board and not sure if a solution has been offered to anyone who has had this problem

    I read a thread not to long ago where a guy said his computer kept rebooting. People tried to help but diagnosed the problem wrong. His computer kept rebooting because of the virus.

    Norton Anti-Virus and all other virus scanners wont pick it up at first. Some will after an update, and you still have to go to the website to get the fix.

    Either download the latest service pack and critical updates. OR if your already infected and your computer keeps wanting to reboot every other hot second then please read/apply this patch...


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    happened to me at home Monday night....fuckin thing kept shutting down! My wife bought another year's subscription to Norton and fixed it yesterday though. They had to shut down colleges, DMV, etc yesterday because of that virus. Sucks

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    Get a online service like McAfee and updates are available before the virus even hits the news.

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    good thing I forund this it has been happening to me as well it shuts off every min so I cant post here thanks for the help bump

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